Photo layout tip

When you’re laying out photos on your scrapbook page, do you ever get the sense that something just isn’t quite right, but you can’t put your finger on what it is? Well, it might be that the people in your photos are heading off the page, making your page look a little off balance. Simply changing the order of the photos, taking into consideration which direction the people in the photos are facing can make all the difference. Consider these two examples, using photos from the layout I posted a few days ago.

In the first example, the people in the outside photos are facing towards the outer edges of the pages. This tends to draw your eye out of the page, rather than into the page.

In the second example, I switched the outer two photos, so the people are facing into the page. Do you see the difference it makes?

The next time your scrapbook page doesn’t quite look right, try this tip and see if it helps!


One Response to “Photo layout tip”

  1. Laser Says:

    Excellent tip! What a difference it made switching the photos around.

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