April Blog Train

Wow do we ever have a treat for you! 91 (yes you read right) digital designers from around the world teamed up to create the April Blog Train, Spring Blossoms.

Here’s my piece of the kit (This link is no longer active.).

And your next stop is Fairy Tale Studios. Have fun!

Note from the Blog Train Coordinator: This blog train is 91 participants long. We are from all over the world in many different time zones. Please allow a full 24 hours for all blog train links to be completely active. You can visit The Blog Train Blog for links to every contribution. Thank You.


28 Responses to “April Blog Train”

  1. Celly Says:

    Lovely kit ! Thanks so much for sharing !

  2. Peggie Says:

    Thank you for your contribution to this lovely Blog Train.

  3. Peg Says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your work and contributing to this fabulous train!!

  4. Mrs E of Scrappy Freebies Says:

    thanks for the lovely freebie!

  5. Diana Says:

    Thank you ever so much for your portion of Spring Blossoms. It is shaping up to be an awesome kit!!!! Your generosity in sharing your talent and hard work is sincerely appreciated. THANK YOU!

  6. Sherry Says:

    thank you for a beautiful addition to this kit!

  7. Suzy Says:

    Nice job on this…the papers are especially pretty. Thanks for joining.

  8. T-Wan Says:

    Thank you so much for sharing!

  9. sue Says:

    Really pretty kit, thank you so much for sharing

  10. Tahera Says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful contribution to this blog train.

  11. Rhonda Says:

    So pretty! Thank-you!

  12. lorig Says:

    Thank you for sharing your time and talent with us on this blog train.

  13. thescrappywife Says:

    Beautiful! Thank you!

  14. Geraldine Says:

    Dear, just lovely. Thanks!

  15. Margareth F Menezes Says:

    Uma maravilhosa criação!!!
    A harmonia e o essencial se revelam com delicadeza.
    Muito agradecida!


  16. txgwen Says:

    Many thanks for your generosity in sharing your lovely work!

  17. Evee Says:

    Thanks so much for the freebie!

  18. Tink Says:

    Love the retro look. Thank you.

  19. Anna Says:

    So delicate and sweet! Thank you so much for sharing it, I really appreciate all the talent and effort 🙂

  20. just passin' thru Says:

    Thank you!!!

  21. Whitney Says:

    Love your designs and love your templates. Wow!

  22. Dona Says:

    Thanks for your generous contribution!

  23. Karen Says:

    I love your papers. Thank you very much for sharing.

  24. Betty Says:

    thanks so much for sharing your part of the Spring Blossoms blog train..it is great.

  25. Milena Says:

    THank you! I love the papers!

  26. NW Lady Says:

    Thanks for the blog train goodies.

  27. Andrea C Akerstrom Says:

    Thanks! Beautiful!

  28. Cotcoord Says:

    mm. luv it 🙂

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