Video Tutorial – Enhancing Photo Colors

Time for another video tutorial! This video will teach you a very quick and easy way to enhance the colors on your photographs and really make them come to life. You can watch the YouTube video below, or download the high resolution version here. I hope you enjoy it!


5 Responses to “Video Tutorial – Enhancing Photo Colors”

  1. Laser Says:

    Thanks for some more great tips. Hmm now I would like to make the sky in that photo blue! That would involve another tutorial maybe one you could do in the future?

    Thanks so much I love to learn!

  2. HarleyGirl Says:

    thanks so much for the tutorial. I just love them. They are so easy to follow along with and to understand. Ever since I saw the one on how to clip paper to any shape, I have been makes frames like a mad woman… lol lol

  3. Ginger Says:

    Awesome!! Thank you !! I will post a link to this on my blog.

  4. Peggie Says:

    Thank you. I’ve got to watch this.

  5. Maddie Says:

    So nice and clear!.. thank you.. you are a great teacher.


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