Video Tutorial – Digitally Tearing Paper

I have another digiscrapping tutorial for you!  This one shows you how to easily create very realistic looking digitally torn paper for your scrapbook pages.  You can watch the Youtube version below or click here to download the high resolution version.

I hope you enjoy it, and can’t wait to see all your torn pages!


11 Responses to “Video Tutorial – Digitally Tearing Paper”

  1. Laser Says:

    Thank you for another fabulous tutorial. You are such a big help to me 🙂

  2. Carol Says:


  3. Melissa Says:

    Thanks for sharing this tutorial.

  4. Karen M in FL Says:

    Downloading now. I can’t wait to watch this.

  5. SherryD Says:

    This looks wonderful! Thank you

  6. ccynden Says:

    Thank you for the tutorial, I am a newbie and will enjoy your video, thank you for making it available.

  7. HarleyGirl Says:

    thanks so much for the tutorial. I am always wanting to learn something new

  8. Izahere Says:

    I’m downloading now…can’t wait to watch and try this out!! Thanks for taking the time to make this and teach!!

  9. Izahere Says:

    Just did it with PSE 6 and PSP 9! Awesome Tut!! Keep up the excellent work!!
    (so where can I find some more of your tutorials?)
    Again Thanks!

  10. Peg Says:

    I’d love to get your paper tearing tutorial but 4shared gives me an error “The file link that you requested is not valid. ” when I try to download it. I know it’s an old tutorial, but is there any way I could still obtain it? I’d love to learn how to do this. Thanks!! (

  11. Becky Leppard Says:

    I have an idea for another tutorial. I would love to see how you did the page curling in the Page in a Pinch Template 31. I love that template and would love to duplicate the look of the pages lift off the page.

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