Build-a-Flower Template Pack & Free Sampler

My latest template pack, Build-a-Flower, is now available! This pack will let you create an endless variety of paper and stitched flowers on your pages. The pack comes with 6 flower templates, 2 leaf templates and 1 stem template, as well as stitching and holes for each piece. The stitching is neutral in color and comes separate from the holes, allowing you to color the stitches to match your flower and your page. Mix and match them, layer them, use just the flowers or just the stitches, with stems or without stems, the possibilities are endless! The template pack is on sale for $2.49 from now until Thursday, April 24.

Build-a-Flower Template Pack

The pack also comes with a video tutorial showing you how to use the templates and stitching. (Paper flowers shown are for preview purposes only, they do not come with the pack.)

If you would like to try out a template before purchasing, here’s a freebie, which also comes with the video tutorial.

Build-a-Flower Template Freebie

Have fun building flowers!


11 Responses to “Build-a-Flower Template Pack & Free Sampler”

  1. marti11 Says:

    Thank you, beautiful!

  2. Laurie Says:

    Oh thank you I needed to find a lotus flower for a layout about hunting for lotus flowers and finding a real live alligator! I think this will be perfect!

  3. Juliana Says:

    Gorgeous flowers! I’m sure they’ll do very well!

  4. Roxanna Says:

    very cute – i need some of these!!

  5. Roxanna Says:

    very cute!!

  6. Janosch Says:

    nice stuff ;O) hugs janosch

  7. Amy Eileen Says:

    A VIDEO! Now thats some great thinking! Those templates are so darling and such a great thing to have in your toolbox.

  8. Melissa Says:

    It is so sweet of you to give a freebie for us to experiment with before making a purchase. Your flower template looks really nice!!

  9. Char Says:

    What a great idea! I love flowers and how cool to be able to match any kit perfectly.

  10. afridigidiva Says:

    That’s a cute freebie.

  11. Tiffani Says:

    gorgeous flowers! I wlil have to browse the shop on 24th!

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