Another Free Template for You!

First a couple updates, then the freebie!  🙂   I’ve made a couple changes to my blog, to hopefully make things easier for you.  On the right, you’ll see that I’ve added an RSS feed, so you can subscribe to the feed and see updates easily.  Also, I’ve added a button that will take you straight to all the digital scrapbooking totorials that I offer, for those of you who want to see them in one easy spot.

And now the freebie.  I’ve been having fun making templates, so thought I’d offer another one as a freebie!  This one lets you scrap 3 photos, and includes a journalling spot with a lifted corner. 

Here’s the template:


And here’s a layout I created with it:


Sorry, this link is no longer available.  Enjoy!


9 Responses to “Another Free Template for You!”

  1. psipsi Says:

    Hi this template looks so pretty.
    thanks for sharing your inspirations

  2. AfriDigiDiva Says:

    That’s a really nice template.

  3. Lynn G Says:

    Cute template!

  4. Kellie Puddy Says:

    Awesome template Nancy! thanks so much for sharing 😉

  5. Laser Says:

    Try as I might, 4Shared will not let me download this file. It keeps saying server timed out. I will give it a try later on in hopes it will work then. It is such a great template. Thank you

  6. PSharp Says:

    Thank you so much!

  7. designergirl Says:

    Thanks so much!

  8. CindyLou Says:

    Thank you for the wonderful template!!

  9. lawyerlyn Says:

    what a nice template! it’s one i’ve been looking for. thanks so much!

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