I’m planning on offering digital scrapbooking tutorials on my blog in the very near future, and would like to get an idea of the format most people prefer (video or text with screen capture) as well as the topics that would be of most interest.  Please feel free to leave me a comment, answering one or both questions.  Thanks!


5 Responses to “Tutorials”

  1. Happy Scrap Girl Says:

    Hi nancy!

    I love tuts! It’s great when folks share what they know about scrapping and designing. As far as format goes, I see a lot with screen shots, a few with videos. One thing I have not seen is a video with a notes section. This way you can see & hear the lesson the first time, but have notes to refer back to the second time. Not necessarily with screen shots, but just the actual steps or short cut keys. Maybe a new niche here? Good luck, and I’ll be checking back to see what you come up with !

  2. maggie Says:

    I prefer the screen shot that way I can print and refer to later.

  3. MB Says:

    Any and all help would be appreciated It would be easier to be able to print out the instructions, but Im not picky. Thanks so much for attempting to make it easier.

  4. Mollie Says:

    As a newbie to PS I just hate the video tuts…I guess I’m easily confused…and they go too fast with the action. I prefer written tuts so I can print them out and follow along step by step. Once I’m much more familiar with the program, I’m sure the video tuts won’t be quite so bad.
    I hope your tuts, whatever format are a success for you.

  5. SMS Says:

    Just found your blog. I would say that people like tutorials that teach them one-thing-at-a-time and teach it well, no bits and pieces missing.

    No joke I just read a “scrapping tutorial” site that was “teaching” satin bows from scratch, except when you got to the “satin” part – “it’s a matter of taste”. What?

    So all you had was a form of a bow that looked like a coloring book cutout – nah I’m not going back there again. And I certailnly will NEVER buy any of her stuff.

    If you want to offer tutorials, then 1) decide which “secrets” you don’t mind teaching and then 2) teach them well and thoroughly.

    Don’t try to offer a lot of half formed nonsense just to have a tutorial site.

    No to say this was your intention, but after several hours searching for one type of tutorial only to find that people really DON’T want to teach what they know, they just want to advert their products – everyone needs to knock that off and get honest about teaching – if that is what you say you’re doing.

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