How do you share your layouts?

I just picked up the new issue of Digital Scrapbooking, and the editorial was about sharing our pages, which was a coincidence because I had been thinking about that very topic.  Why do we love to share our pages, and how do we share them?

I share my pages for a few reasons, but top of the list is so family and friends can enjoy them.  I’ve had so many people tell me they enjoy looking at my on-line galleries, and I think they like the surprise of occasionally seeing themselves in a layout! 

I think my favorite “sharing” story is about a paper album I made for my grandparents about 1o years ago, chronicling a family reunion weekend.  After my grandparents both passed away, my mom gave me the album back, and told me that after Grandma had died and Grandpa was in a nursing home, that was his favorite photo album.  When people came to visit, it was usually the first thing he would pull out to show them.  I brought the album to a family reunion we had a couple years ago, and everyone really enjoyed looking through the pages and seeing how much our family had grown and changed.

 I’d love to hear your favorite story!


2 Responses to “How do you share your layouts?”

  1. travelgirlut Says:

    I don’t have any cool experiences with sharing my pages like you do. I think I post online a lot of the time in order to see what others have to say. I guess sometimes I feel I need other’s positive comments to keep me going. Though it is fun to show off your lastest and greatest creation. And who can you share it with that will understand besides other scrappers?

  2. JanMary N Ireland Says:

    Still new to digi-scrapping, but on-line I have started a blog, so some have links to that, and have a Picasa web albumn.

    As most of my friends and family have no idea what digi-scrapping is, I am always looking for ways to bring it into the ‘real’ world. Here is what I have done so far:

    I have made a calendar with LO’s of the kids for my parents.
    I now make all my cards digitally
    I have made a photo-cube paper weight for my dh’s office desk with LO’s of the kids.
    I have started a ‘heritage’ album on printed out LO’s.
    I have bought some 8X8 picture frames, and have printed out some LO’s to display on the wall.

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